The Valumax Group's vast experience in the development field is supported by the following competencies:

An experienced and hand-picked group of consultants, which include town planners, environmentalists, geo-technical engineers, conveyancers, civil and electrical engineers, land surveyors, architects, urban designers and traffic engineers. These disciplines and respective entities have long standing relationships with the company and boast excellent competencies in their respective fields of expertise.

Most of the company's project management competencies are in-house and include post-graduate employees in all the important fields of expertise such as town planning, quantity surveying, civil engineering, financial planning, and management. The internal project management component has adequate experience to manage projects across the entire real estate spectrum including affordable housing, industrial estates, retail centres and office parks.

All construction work is outsourced to qualified and capable external construction companies with the highest possible BEE rating. All these contractors are carefully selected to ensure and maintain the company's high standards towards products and project parameters.

The company is known in the market place for its capacity and capability to deliver on scale, on time and within budget. Over the past 30 years the company has successfully implemented large projects ranging from 2 000 to 30 000 houses per project.

Through its excellent track record over many years, the company has built up long standing relationships with all the mainstream funding institutions and commercial banks in South Africa. These relationships equip the company to deliver on scale and to diverse its development interests over the entire development spectrum – ranging from state subsidised housing to high level commercial developments.